perjantai 29. elokuuta 2014

Is it OK not to be OK?

"All people ever see is Marilyn Monroe. As soon as they realize I'm not her, they run." -Marilyn Monroe, My week with Marilyn. 

I was watching one of my favorite movies the other day, 'My week with Marilyn' , and this quote just stopped me and made me try and count how many people I actually really really  deeply know. Or even the other way around, how many people really know me. 

How much time in our lives we keep on this mask, that covers our true self? Sometimes we might feel like the mask is somehow protecting us from the rejection of people, but is it? Maybe wearing the mask is some sort of a defense mechanism. Maybe you've been hurt before so much by rejection that sometimes it is hard to undress the mask even for yourself. 

Is this what we are? Are all 'happy' people actually just wearing a mask? Are there truly happy people? If everybody seems like Marilyn Monroe, perfection outside, but inside there is the insecure, unhappy and scared  Norma Jean Mortenson. 

Are even the 'Christians' in this world actually true? Are they all shiny outside with their holiness, but inside maybe they are not as shimmering and innocent as they come out as? 

This brings me to another question, do we have room in this world to be unhappy and confused? Is it ok not to be ok? Does the world turn it's back when you tell 'hey I'm lost an confused.'? Do we openheartedly help those who are off track? 

What happens when the mask is dropped? 

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  1. Good questions. When people ask me how I'm doing I say not well at all and watch them struggle with the awkwardness of the situation. I feel like I ought to apologise for telling the truth, for having a hard time.