torstai 27. helmikuuta 2014

Relaxed Early Bird

Good day, my fabulous people!

Today I woke up at my beloved sister's place. Yesterday I had a wonderful evening with her and her fiance in Kotka. She taught me the magic of blogging. She also makes her own lifestyle blog, it's in finnish, but you may admire her beauty and even more stunning attitude in life here.

Today I got a ride back to Helsinki early in the morning. 
And as I was walking in the city center I realized that I love watching random people walking around. Ok it sounds creepy, but I like guessing what people do for their jobs, and I like to imagine how their lives are, how they see life. It is fascinating to see the hurry some have and the contrast between those who walk in peace. 

But yes, today is the day! It's THE DAY! Africa here I come.
Later today, my friend's lovely parent offered to drive me to the airport.  So in the evening I'll be walking in the air. And in less than 24 hours I'll be in the wonderful country of Tanzania. 

But, smart girl as I am, I have packed everything well in advance so I had only few things to pack, and now I'm all ready. I had good time to do some fabulous beauty treatment and saunatime by my self. To make it even more special I put some traditional African music to 'Africanize' my head in advance. 

After my beauty treatment I spoiled my self with some blueberry porridge and coffee with After Eights. Now even my tummy is ready for the long travel. Very corny, but I did listen to The Lion King movie soundtrack while eating.  But now I just need to keep my thoughts and mind together, so I won't go crazy from waiting. Maybe I'll go and have some prayer time with the Almighty. 

I just stay amazed of the amazingness of this life. I am so happy, blessed and privileged to have this opportunity to go to Tanzania and I will most definitely try to make it to every adventure that is put in front of me. 
 Few more hours to go!



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  1. Fanni ihanaa matkaa! Kiva että on blogi jota kautta seurailla sun reissua siellä!! Zemiä sinne ja tuo mulle tuliaisiks joku söpöläinen ♥ :)