lauantai 1. maaliskuuta 2014

Love at first sight


And she has arrived.  Day 2. in it's end. So far I love it. 

I had a great flight here, It felt like 10 minutes cause for the longest flight I had 3 seats for my self and I slept like a baby. First i flew to Stockholm and after that to Addis Ababa.
 Ok Addis Ababa was an experience. The amount of people in that small airport was crazy. And it took me like an hour to find where i was suppose to go. But in the end I did find the way! 

And then, Kilimanjaro airport! The landing was such Indiana Jones experience. The plane was shaking and the majestic mountains were on the both sides of the plane. But we did end up safely to the airport. Then the wonderful managers of the Cradle of Love came to pick me up from the airport. They took me to the most lovely Zahara, who lives at the small town of Usa River. I live at Zahara's beautiful PINK house with 2 other volunteers, one from Denmark and one from The Netherlands. 

These other volunteers have so helpfully shown me places and how to go around everywhere.
Yesterday I went to see the Cradle, and it was one of the most beautiful but also one of the most heart breaking things I've ever seen. This wonderful (also pink) house full of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. These precious children just run to you the moment they see you. And at this moment I wish I had 10 extra hands and -extra laps to hold everyone that wants to be held close. 
So beware Finland, I'm taking at least 10 babies with me, No! all of them with me when I come back home! 

The contrast between the two cultures is huge! There is many things that I want to learn from this culture, but some things I would not change for the world. One thing that I do want to bring home with me is the freedom from all the worries, people here seem like they have no worry in the world, they somehow overflow with a peace and sureness that the world is good and beautiful.  The constant smile that these beautiful people have is just something so strengthening and heavenly. 
Something I need to learn, is that in this country there is NO TIME. Everybody lives by their own time and how ever they feel like. I like the thought of that, but it's something i need to sacrifice here, cause I've always been great with time and it's something that is very important to me, so i guess i'll put the time in my suitcase for now and learn the art of being timeless. 

But yes so far so good, not just good but amazing. 

Welcome to Usa River, Tanzania my fabulous folk! 

To be continued…. 

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  1. Thanks dear Fanni for taking us with you to experience the fragrances of Tanzania! Looking forward to hearing more! xx Mirkka