torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

Happy days.

Long time since the last blog post. Somehow the days go so so fast, but no day is similar! Every day is a different adventure. 

I've met some most amazing people during this epic time here. I'm so privileged to have such wonderful friends all over the world. It is not easy though, it's always so heartbreaking not knowing the next time you meet. But then when the day comes the reunion is thousand times sweeter. 

It has been so great to get to know some local friends, cause then you see the city and the country with different eyes. There are places where we have went where for sure not every muggle has been to. And also just to hang out with the local friends in a party in general.

For example we were invited to a birthday party of a sweet 15 year old. It was amazing to meet the whole beautiful family and friends. And see some fun b-day traditions that would have not come to my mind to do on birthdays. It was funny how while cutting the cake the poor birthday girl got a bucket of water on her head. Also it was sweet how she had to actually feed the cake to the guests. Such a fun experience. 

One amazing but also very stopping experience was to see a local hospital. We got a personal tour from our fabulous friend, Brittany. We got to see newborns getting vaccinations. But it was just so sad to see the poor circumstances and un hygienic surroundings. And there is basically no personal space or sensor in the wards. If only one person could make a difference, or maybe she could? 

And the babies of The Cradle just get more and more wonderful every week, every day and every hour. It is incredible how these little people can teach you so deep things in life. One of these wisdoms that I've learned is that how we are such unique creations from the very beginning. So amazing how these small new borns have so fabulous lovable different personalities. Why do 'grownups' have to act something else than what they are? Why the teenagers are dressing and acting the same when they have something as precious as their own personality? If we are born so fabulously different, why hide it? Why change it? 

I challenge you to be YOU for the rest of the week! 

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