keskiviikko 16. huhtikuuta 2014

Time to say goodbye


There is a saying in finnish; everything good ends in time. I hate that thought and hopefully I will never ever live by that thought. There is good everywhere, just the faces and life situations change.
 I have had the most beautiful life here. All the bigger and smaller adventures have been so teaching and full of life. The most amazing friends here have left a big mark in this little finnish girl. 

The last week has been so melancholic, but also full of most beautiful moments to cherish. Those moments when you are laying on top of a warm car with your fabulous friends, while looking at the stars sparkling in the huge Tanzanian sky, while listening 'Hall of Fame', with tears of joy rolling down your cheeks. That kind of moments you never ever ever forget. 

These friends that i've made here are the most amazing people i've met. So full of live and absolutely gorgeous inside and out. They are also most likely the strongest people in the world. Not everybody has had the easiest life, but even thought these people have downhills in their lives, they have the most strengthening smile and life positivity overflowing from them. It just makes me question, why are finnish people so depressed, we have EVERYTHING, and these people have basically nothing. But still they find life beautiful and worth living fully. Why do finnish people give up so easily? 

But in other news, I for a change got crazy with the hair. I am a braid head these days. And a friend found a place to get henna-paintings. So I am all fabulously Africanized now. 
And so the new adventure at home begins. I am heart torn apart to leave the beautiful Tanzania and my friends. But amongst that I am excited to go back home and share all the adventures and life lessons with my beloveds. 

Tanzania, in case I don't see you, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night. Adventure of life to be continued…… 

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