maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

Adventurous weekend

Wow, what a weekend!

On saturday we left early in the morning to Moshi. Our tour-guide for the wonderful weekend was the beautiful Nancy. She had planned everything so well, never we had to worry about anything. 

We started from the bottom of Kilimanjaro. We could see how people were just about to start hiking to the top of the mountain. You could almost touch with your hands the great ambitious feeling in the air.  I have a huge respect for the carriers of the Kili. Their job in it's all simplicity is to carry the hikers stuff up the mountain and back, no big deal. 


After visiting the bottom of the mountain, we went to see a traditional coffee plantation. I've never seen anyone as excited and proud of their work, as this old babu who was showing around he's coffee, banana, tobacco, cocoa and avocado plants. I was overwhelmed by the amazing knowledge and love he had towards the plants and nature over all.  We got to see how the coffee was made from the beginning until the end. We even were privileged to taste the wonderful coffee. Best coffee I've EVER had!

From the coffee plantation we went to see some ancient caves and tunnels underground. We were told colorfully about their history. I was amazed of how wisely the ancient tribes knew how to build these very convenient and livable tunnels, and of course without using any modern technology, no wikipedia, no nothing.

Next place we went to was absolutely mind blowingly beautiful. It was a stunning waterfall in this deep deep green valley. But so that we could get to the waterfall we needed to walk down this slippery and muddy path, which we all luckily survived alive. That place was like being inside a scene from some epic fantasy movie.

Quite close to a fantasy movie was also our next stop. It was an old African tribe-museum. We got to go and see inside an traditional tribal house. And inside this tiny 'cottage' there were these poor 2 cows and 4 goats. It made me wonder that what would EU think if it saw how these animals are living and traditionally treated. But the animals were quite healthy looking so I was just happy for them. 

The next day we woke up early for another beautiful day. After very tasty breakfast we started heading to the hot springs. The way to the springs was probably the funnest thing I've done in a long time. I've always wanted to travel with a rickshaw, and so my dreams did come true again. It was suppose to take an hour to the hot springs, but we got stuck in the mud so many times that I think we were on the road for a double time. 

But the long travel was definitely worth it, cause the hot spring was basically heaven on earth. The
turquoise water clear as glass  surrounded by beautiful big green trees. And when you think that it could not be better, then you realize that there is a rope, and with that you can swing and jump to the perfect temperature water. I think that place is closest you can get to heaven on this planet. 

After enjoying the magical hot spring for many hours, came the moment when we had to come back to earth and start our way home. How privileged I am to be on this adventure? I'm just a small girl from a small town in small Finland. It just brings tears of joy to my eyes to be on this big journey.
I am living a dream, Disney was right all along, Dreams do come true! 

Have a week full of beauty and adventure,


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