tiistai 4. maaliskuuta 2014

Week starter.


Life here has started. Week here has started. Love it.

On Monday we went to Cradle in the morning. I got to know better the manager of the place, Letcia. She told me the backgrounds of the Cradle Of Love and some interesting details. We walked around the Cradle and she showed all the baby groups. Toddlers, wabblers, crawlers and the nursery. I immediately fell in love with the nursery and the babies. So I stayed there for the morning and I got to know the lovelies. 

Cradle Of Love

Our house maid Venna made us some wonderful lunch. After lunch me and three other volunteers  went with a local 'bus', dalladalla, to the town of Arusha. Arusha was very crowded and it had no logic in it's streets, best thing for a girl without any sense of direction. But thankfullly we found everything we were looking for. While we looked for an adapter, we randomly met a local man who had worked for Fida- international for 14 years, and he was a big help in our search!

Today I woke up pretty tired, cause I could not sleep very well, for my tummy was living a life of it's own.  But as the day started, also I started to feel better. (thank you Gefilus)
I ate breakfast and walked to the wonderful Cradle. 

Cradle Of Love actually is quite near by. It takes about 20 minutes to walk there from our home. We face death by walking right next to the road and crazy drivers. But also the way is very beautiful and everyone who meets you in the street greets you. And so the day starts with all the beautiful smiles. 

Meet Justine
I went straight to the nursery to my lovelies. The morning passed quickly as I fed and played with the babies. Those babies are the most beautiful and adorable babies i've ever seen. How can someone not love them. I'm so attached to them now, how can I leave after 6 weeks without them? 

little lady
But yes, the week has started well for me. Cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow! 

Upendo from Tanzania! <3 


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