perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

Week 1#


One adventurous week has passed, feels like 2 days.  I'm in love with this place. 

I've gotten to know better few of my beautiful house mates, Femke from The Netherlands and Malene from Denmark. All 3 of us are Africa rookies, so we have found some comfort in each other. They are so much fun to hang out with. I'm so privileged to share this adventure with them! 

Basically all the weekdays we spend at the Cradle. At 9am (African time) we usually are at Cradle, and at midday we go home for delicious lunch. After lunch head back to our loveliest babies. Around 4pm-5pm, we head home or to Tanz-Hands cafeteria. At Tanz-Hands we have wifi and the best pastries in the whole Usa River! At 6p.m we have a fabulous dinner at home. After the dinner we usually just stay at home and relax and read books and get to know each other. 

Yesterday we went out to eat with 30-40 other volunteers. I had the worlds best vegetarian pizza! It was epic to sit in a room and count how many nationality's  and languages we could find. 
It feels like half of these people here are Scandinavian, so I've gotten a good use to my bestest swedish skills. 

It's beginning to look a lot like rainy season.

After the dinner we went to a club in Arusha called ViaVia. Ok and if parties in Finland were as fun as this African party, I'd go at least every day! Funnest dancing and coolest reggae music, BOOM that's what I call a party. 

Today has been a beautiful day, even though I've been very much tired cause I did not sleep too much last night. But even though I've been tired, the babies do not seem to mind that. The smile these babies give when you go to the nursery, is the best gift I could have in this world.

There so much that we can learn about life attitude from these precious babies. They have not had a beautiful start in their lives. They are abandoned by their own parents, thrown to the garbage, tried to flush down the toilet, tried to drown by their own mother, completely without a family who wants them.  But they still manage to smile and laugh every day. It makes me wonder, why do we complain? 

Have a weekend full of beauty, smile and enchantment!

Love from Usa River, Tanzania


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