maanantai 10. maaliskuuta 2014

Weekend feelings

Jambo you fabulous folk!

So the weekend passed by quickly. Even though I think 'quick' does not belong in to the vocabulary in Tanzania. Everything here is extremely slow. Hurry does not exist on these lands. I wish it was as relaxed everywhere as it is in here. I think we Europeans, especially Finns, make stress and mindless hurry without any reason.  Why cannot life just go with the good flow. It is good manners to make it in time everywhere, but why do it  with a stress? 

On Saturday I was very very sick in my stomach for the whole day. I basically spent the day laying at Tanz-Hands cafeteria. But as always, my amazingly wonderful prince saved my day. He talked with me via Skype for 5 wonderful hours!! (Rakastan sua Pyry <3 ) 

Sunday morning after sleeping 13 hours, thankfully, I felt great again. To celebrate the fabulous sunday, we went to spend the day at the Arusha Hotel Pool. It was a perfect weekend vacation under the warm sun and the absolutely beautiful pool environment. We even got to order our most amazing lunch to the pool. I felt just like royalty. 

Also I'm so thankful to get to hang out with these amazing people. These girls are so stunning inside and out. They've got the most beautiful helping heart and this country will definitely change to better with the help they full heartedly give. 

Meet Femke, Embla and Malene
After the fabulous time at the pool, the girls introduced me to the Masai-Market area. I got to buy some very very comfortable swaggy trousers from there. 

During the sunday-adventure we bumped into some local rafikis (friends).  They so kindly told that they'd show us a nice 'park' . This 'park' was basically a local 'in-the-middle-of-bushes'. But it was beautiful! There was a beautiful stream, tall palm trees and green soft grass we could just lay on.  It was one of those moments when I thought that i'm glad I'm not a tourist, cause I would not get into such a random situation if I was following a man-made plan. But that's why there is the divine path I rather set my feet on. 

Have a very relaxed and worry-free week my pretties! 

Tanzanian love to you all!


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